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sinco uniXcycle


A movie from 1999. Lutz found it on his Server and send it to us. Municycling at its best.

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#1 Lutz: My favourite freeware Muni vid.
#2 3s: so amazing he has the best muni flow
#3 Peter Bier: Just awsome to see the king in his early days
#4 frank unicycle: 26" unicycle???
#5 Juha-Matti: I envy you since that place is just awesome. I'd like to ride in place like that even for once.
#6 robert crawford: I want to see this in the Xgames-it would be all the rage...we must have some contacts out there somewhere???
#7 Fabian: Best Muni Video Ever!!
#8 uniman: nice movie top notch
#9 hurky4: I cannot view this video along with many other videos on this website. It tells me to "Select Player." Please let me know if anyone else has or had this problem. If you have and have found a solution please spread the word! Thanks.
#10 štepan: me to taky nejde
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